Blurry Shadows

Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery is a lifelong journey which effects almost everyone in some way.  My approach to treating substance abuse is to help you find a path to recovery that works for you.  For those coming from a treatment program, we will work with that program to continue the positive life changes that promote recovery for you.  I work closely with your counselor at your treatment program to ensure that we can pick up our work where you left off upon discharge from your treatment program.

If you are in the process of determining the next step and just want to discuss your use of substances and what may be beneficial for you, please make an appointment today!  I am here to help you and promise not to force any changes on you.  We will discuss your safety and your well being but will work towards your best outcome.

I also provide therapy for relapse prevention and management.  I work with clients to understand their triggers, cravings and challenges which become part of a comprehensive relapse prevention plan.  Additionally, I work with clients who have had a setback in their recovery and need support to manage their relapse and work towards sustained recovery.  

I believe that just as every person is unique, every individuals recovery is unique as well.  I work with clients to find a recovery that feels genuine to who they are and is a plan that can sustain in their daily life.  The goal in therapy is to provide support during each step of the process, no matter where you are.