Blurry Shadows

Speaker Services

I have been honored to speak and present at events, conferences and trainings of a variety of sizes and to a varied audience.  I most recently have been able to provide education to local church groups on opiate addiction and recovery in NC.  Some of my recent presentations include:

- "Beyond the Lockbox": Opiate Use for Hospice Charlotte, NC

- "Navigating the Gray Area": Six Hour Ethics Training at Fellowship Hall, Greensboro, NC

- "Drug Education": APNC Fall Conference 2014 (1.5 Hour)

- "Dual Diagnosis": APNC Fall Conference 2014 (3 Hour)

- "Group Skills": In Service Training at McLeod Center

- "Opiates in NC": One Community in Recovery Conference


I am always excited to work with various organizations to provide training and education for your group!  I will work with you to determine any continuing education hours needed for your team and work to get those hours approved.  Additionally, I  provide an outcome survey and will provide you will feedback from that survey within one week of the presentation.  Topics I am able to present on include: Drug Education, Opiate Education (Use, Abuse, History and Recovery), DWI/ Alcohol Use, Mental Health Topics, Health and Wellness, Self Care, and Addiction within the Family System.  Please contact me to discuss any ideas for your particular need and the fee for your event.