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Relapse Intensive Therapy Services

For those beginning the journey into recovery, the first year will be a time a growth, struggle, opportunity and change.  My Relapse Intensive Therapy Services focus on helping you navigate the first year of sobriety.  I work with you after completion of inpatient, outpatient, aftercare or any program.  I focus on working with you on the triggers that will present during your first year.  Research has shown that the best outcomes for long term recovery involve a year or more of therapy services.  I will work with you to navigate the part of your recovery that comes after the treatment program.  This may involve a combination of in office sessions, telephone/ video sessions, various safety check ins during the week and other services to ensure you are following a path of recovery.

Additionally, I provide Relapse Intensive Therapy Services if you have experienced a slip in your sobriety.  For you, engaging in an inpatient or outpatient program may not be the best plan to get you back on track.  I work to create a customized treatment plan which involves in office sessions, phone and video check ins, and other methods to help you get your recovery back on track.  We use our first session as a time to explore where your recovery was not protected.  And we work to immediately start a plan that will not only keep you sober, but will provide you time to work on all the things which may have jeopardized your recovery and lead to your slip.

I meet with you either individually or with support people of your choice to first get a background and history.   We will then create your custom plan which will focus on helping you with your specific triggers.  We will continually evaluate your progress and update your plan as needed.  The goal will be to ensure you have all the tools you need to either continue your recovery successfully or to get back on track.