Blurry Shadows

My Therapy Approach

I am honored by the opportunity to work with others to help them achieve their goals or find balance in their life.  I start therapy by identifying what you hope to achieve and discussing the outcome and timeframe we will be working towards.  I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) as framework while utilizing other techniques as needed.  I take pride in ensuring that you are informed during the process and that you feel comfortable with the progress of your therapy.  It is my belief that each person has the desire to live their best self, we just often lack the tools and patience to get to that place.  Therapy is a process that helps you in developing the tools which allow the best you to emerge and thrive!  Therapy is a journey; at times it can be painful, we will hopefully have laughter at times as well.  Ultimately, I focus on working with you on your goals and we take the best path to get there.

In Clinical Supervision, I work with clinicians to develop their skills while ensuring ethical standards are maintained.  I encourage supervisees to work on using their past education and experience while developing their own personal style of counseling that makes them feel passionate about their work.