Blurry Shadows

Individual Therapy

During your initial appointment, we will discuss relevant information about your past therapy experiences and your expectations during therapy.  We will also discuss your motivation and what you hope the outcome of therapy will be for you.  We will also review relevant paperwork and I can answer any questions your may have about the process.  

In follow up sessions, we will work towards your identified goals and will continue to evaluate those goals and adjust as needed.  The purpose of therapy is to maximize your time and outcome.  It is important to remember that therapy is a process and we will need time to work to make the changes you desire.  Therapy is a journey of growth and discovery for you.  

In individual therapy, I use techniques centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which will challenge you to evaluate your thought  processes and related behaviors.  I also incorporate DBT skills to help you to have actual techniques you can use in your daily life to manage the symptoms you may be experiencing.   I will discuss and apply other relevant techniques with you which will enhance your therapy experience.  During therapy, I will provide resources that will be useful to you outside of our sessions and may suggest reading or other materials which will help you continue the progress we make in session in your daily life.

I also work with teens ages 13 to 17 with substance use and mental health disorders.  I enjoy working with teenagers and use many of the same techniques as above but incorporate activities which include visual, movement and fun elements to ensure to keep teens engaged in the process.