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Additional Therapy & Supervision Services

In some situations, the traditional therapy options do not meet the needs of the client.  To best help these clients achieve optimal outcomes, custom plans are available.  These services may include options such as:

- In home therapy due to immobility or other circumstance

- Evening or weekend appointments

- Custom recovery plans for clients and families

- Performance coaching for sporting challenges

I work with clients who are experiencing a recent relapse to develop a custom plan which will provide more support than traditional once weekly therapy but will not require attendance at  program that they have already completed.  These plans can be customized at your first appointment to fit your needs.

Please call to discuss any specific need you may have and fee associated with service.  Please note that insurance typically does not cover therapy outside of traditional parameters.

Additionally, supervision services may be customized to meet the needs of individual clients or agencies as well.  This may include supervision on site at your location rather than in my office.  Please contact me via phone or email to discuss specific needs, availability and fees.